About Us

Poses.com.au practices and teaching style may be described as a combination of a slow deep stretch and strong vinyasa flow. Wanting to create a moving meditation, asanas(postures) transition from one to another in a smooth manner.

We believe that correct alignment is important, especially when safety may be an issue but is careful not to disrupt the intuitive process by overloading students with directions…..(overteaching).

Our goal is to provide an environment that is progressive without being overly competitive. Philosophy is usually kept to a minimum so that students remain focused on breathing.

Yoga requires similar discipline as both deal with balance, harmony and rhythm. As yoga instructors, we aim to bring a heightened awareness of these elements into our classes.

Our dream is to make the life-changing magic of Yoga available to people who think they can’t practice yoga-people with health challenges and motion restrictions, people who are inflexible, people with round bodies, people who think they are “too old” to practice yoga.