Why Every Yogi Should Practice Yoga On A Cork Yoga Mat

Cork – the word may bring to mind a wine bottle’s cork, or perhaps a cork board for hanging things. Cork’s reputation has grown in recent years, and it is now being recognized as a sustainable, environmentally friendly material that is making quite an impact in the yoga world for good reason.

You’ve undoubtedly seen someone practising on a cork yoga mat or employing cork yoga blocks. They may look fantastic, but there are several undeniable benefits to using cork in yoga products.

Here are four good reasons to utilize cork for your yoga mat:

There are several compelling reasons to utilize cork in your yoga practice. This article looks at what these reasons are and why cork is such an excellent match for your yoga lifestyle.

Cork Is a Sustainable Material

Cork is produced from a Cork Oak Tree (which is native to the Mediterranean region), and the cork comes from the outer layer of the tree’s bark. But, as a result of this regeneration, cork is both renewable and ecologically safe.

Yoloha’s yoga mats are made with a cork that is harvested in an ecologically responsible manner, without causing harm to Cork Oak Trees. Every bit of the bark is utilized, and nothing is discarded, making the trees themselves absorb five times more carbon dioxide than their unharvested counterparts!

Many people are unaware that many yoga mats are composed of PVCs and other hazardous and poisonous materials. Yikes! Because we spend so much time on our yoga mats, it’s vital to use a mat made of environmentally friendly materials.

Cork is Antimicrobial

Cork is naturally antimicrobial, which means it inhibits the development of harmful bacteria. That means that a cork yoga mat drastically reduces the number of germs that live on your yoga mat. Yoga mats may accumulate a lot of germs, germs, and unpleasantness because they are so germ-friendly.

The antimicrobial qualities present in cork destroy germs and bacteria, as well as prevent smells. All yogis can rejoice knowing that using this product will provide you peace of mind while you practice, as well as reduce the number of times you need to clean your mat.

It is Lightweight

We all prefer a good, sturdy mat, but we appreciate having one that’s lightweight as well. You get the finest of both worlds with a cork yoga mat.

Cork is a high-density, sturdy material that feels like it’s obvious to the touch and after performing a few yoga postures on a cork mat. However, the additional benefit of a cork yoga mat is that it is lightweight. Cork yoga mats are lighter than standard rubber mats. This makes cork Yoga Matts ideal travelling companions whether you’re travelling worldwide or riding your bike across town.

Serious Performance

We can care about the environment while still keeping a mat that is antimicrobial and lightweight. However, if the mat isn’t ideal for yoga, none of the other features matters because we wouldn’t want to practice on it!

The final incentive for utilizing a cork yoga mat is its performance. Cork is exceptionally robust, and it also provides excellent traction. Wet or dry, it has plenty of grip and traction (hot yogis will appreciate it).

Cork provides the ideal amount of cushioning and traction (ideal for any sort of yoga) for you to perform with ease on any surface. In a nutshell, cork produces a high-performance yoga mat that is both tough and enjoyable to practice upon.