Pilates Power Gym

The pilates workout routine requires the use of several different pieces of equipment. From the ever-popular reformer to the Wunda chair and even the trapeze table the pilates power gym incorporates all of the essential pieces of equipment into one piece of elaborate equipment.

The power gym is a total body workout machine that incorporates the key routines of pilates and muscle workouts. It allows you to tone and sculpt your body in a way that still allows you to incorporate the eight essential pilates exercises. You no longer have to travel to a pilates gym or workout centre, you can now enjoy the wonders of pilates from the comfort of your home with this compact and easy to use the machine.

Pilates Power Gym

A pilates power gym has all the essential pieces of equipment you need for a full Pilates workout.

The pilates power gym is the first pilates machine of its kind and is the best piece of pilates equipment available on the market today. It is easy to use and can lead to amazing and even quick results. The power gym incorporates smooth resistance, natural muscle movement, and smooth transitional workout routines into one easy routine. It promotes toning in the calves, thighs, hips shoulders, abs and arms as well as relaxation of the body and mind. The power gym is extremely user friendly and it is easy to pick up any type of workout routine within minutes. Additionally while using the power gym you can expect to see quick results. While the workouts it provides may seem less extensive and intense than other workout routines, it is designed to slowly stretch and tone muscles.

The pilates power gym is made with a steel frame that can hold up to 300 lbs. It has foot straps, padded handles and an array of resistance cords that allow you to adjust the machine to suit your level of fitness. Within seconds you can change the machine to harder or even easier levels of workout resistance. The machine also changes to incorporate your height and arm span so that you aren’t stretching to reach cords or handles.

The power machine is ideal for every pilates advocate. Rather you are a beginner or an avid believer in pilates workout; this machine will be perfect for you. There is no doubt that if you stick to the workout routine provided by the many DVDs and manuals that come with the power gym you will be pleased with your results.